A Variety Of Bespoke Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is pretty much the heart of every home. Therefore, this should be a space tailored with extreme precision not only for the general interior outlook but also so as to evoke that mysterious magnetic attraction that brings a family together.

Bespoke kitchens on the other hand are areas for preparing meals that are designed and customized according to the owner’s preference to define one’s every nuance. Bespoke in its truest form is something that is made specifically for the punter, all the way from the timber jointing, frames, choice of materials used to the painted finish.

Most interior designing and construction companies are now offering bespoke services for homes whether if it is a first time construction or remodelling. The companies offer several kitchen designs based on what the owner’s eyes are mostly drawn to. Some of the most common bespoke kitchen designs include:

This design incorporates traditional ideas comprised of monochromatic colour schemes and clean lines for a sleek but lovable feel.

To achieve a rustic kitchen design, one does not have to live in the mountains or country. Simple wooden elements would do the trick. One would require basic elements like neutral pallets, natural materials and a weathered feel.

Vintage design takes one to a playful, classic, throwback look dated back to the 1930s. This design involves an array of bright and bold colours like red and yellow, incorporation of vintage cookware such as a coffee maker or a mixer and artwork such as impressionistic modern prints and paintings from the 1950s. Another idea which has been cropping up recently is the use of wall paper. Installing popular post-war era wallpaper patterns could make a huge vintage statement.

A Mediterranean kitchen exudes a distinct ambiance of its own. To achieve the warm, earthen hues, changing the backdrop to a warm colour palette brings out an elegant and appealing look. Having curvier edges and other kitchen elements such as handles and faucets brings a touch of fluidity to the kitchen. Hand-painted mosaic wall tiles and earthy toned floor tiles would also help to epitomize a Mediterranean bespoke kitchen.

Benefits of a bespoke kitchen
A bespoke or made to measure kitchen brings with it benefits such as:

High quality and durability
The time and energy spent to recreate one’s dream kitchen helps the professionals to concentrate on detail thus the end result is of high quality and long lasting.

This aspect fosters a sentimental attachment towards the owner because every single detail is based on one’s vision. Thus giving a sense of possession.

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