Types And Benefits Of Kitchen Designs

There are a host of kitchen designs available; each with its charm, beauty and function. One kitchen design that some prefer is the Galley kitchen. The Galley kitchen has two parallel worktops and units with a walkway in the middle. It is an efficient space saver in the kitchen. Another kitchen design is the Kitchen Island.

A Kitchen Island provides more worktop surface to a kitchen and can be used a variety of ways such as providing space for appliances and offering extra cupboard storage. Other ways it can be used are as a breakfast seating and a study area for kids.

Others prefer an L-Shaped Kitchen. An L-Shaped Kitchen works well for those who want to utilise their corner space, as well as providing an open plan room to combine the kitchen and dining room areas. The Peninsula Kitchen is a choice some prefer; it can change an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen. It offers a social and informal dining room area. This type of kitchen works well if you have a small area but still need the function of an island.

In addition, many like the U-Shaped Kitchen. This type of kitchen allows you to increase your storage space by having units and cupboards on three walls of the kitchen. This type of kitchen offers practicality, usable space and efficiency—all in one.

Before you begin your kitchen design project think first about how you want your kitchen to function and most importantly, make room for storage. For example, place overhead cabinets up to the ceiling. Place the lighting in your kitchen so that it falls in front of you.

In addition, under-cabinet lights also work well because they shine right onto the countertops. Also, make sure you have the appropriate power sources for all your appliances. Make sure your counter surfaces are easy to work on and easy to care for.

Most importantly, make sure that you kitchen is safe for everyone in the family. Plan so that you can see your backyard and indoor play areas well as you cook in the kitchen. Consider also rounded countertops and slip-resistant flooring. Think about installing a range hood; it helps to lessen cooking odours and they look great in the kitchen.

To conclude, there are a host of kitchen designs available; each with its charm, beauty and function. Try one of the above designs and enjoy your kitchen!

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