Picking The Right Colour For Kitchen Flooring


The floor in the kitchen definitely receives a decent amount of abuse throughout the years. Weather it be spills, scratches or heavy items falling on it, kitchen flooring has to be very durable. Not only should it be durable, but picking the right flooring colour can make a big difference and how a room looks. Here is how the shade of the flooring can change the look of the room.

Dark flooring in the kitchen is going to be very warm and cosy in general. That not only goes for the kitchen, but pretty much any room in the house. This type of flooring is particularly good for those people who are going with a more country style look in their kitchen in general. It also looks very good with rustic tones.

If a person wants lighter walls, it make sense to go with dark flooring as well. It balances out the room quite a bit, and it does a very good job with high ceilings in particular. Most people think darker floors look at little bit more elegant, so that is also a major plus.

There’s nothing wrong with going with a lighter colour on the floor as well. More and more people are opting for this, especially if it just fits into the type of look that they are going for. This is a growing option for people who have smaller kitchens, because lighter flooring can definitely make a room look bigger.

Another advantage of light colours on flooring is that scratches are not as prominent on the ground. Darker tones can definitely show when a major accident happens, but sometimes it is hard to see exactly how many scratches are on a light floor.

Finally, those wanting to take a few risks can always go with a bolder colour on the kitchen floor. If the rest of the kitchen is rather plain, it actually can make the whole area look pretty bold in general. There are many instances in which people have gone with red, blue or even green to really differentiate the room from other places in the home.

Kitchen flooring does not always have to be boring. As long as it is made of durable material, the colouring can be messed around with a bit. Try a few different options and see which one fits best into what you are going for in the home.

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