Making The Most Of A Small Kitchen

Coping with a small kitchen isn’t easy, although there are steps you can take to make the most of the space and to maximise efficiency. The average kitchen size in UK homes is between 12 and 15 square metres, depending on the age of your home, although regardless of its size, it often never seems large enough.

Using available storage space is important in small kitchens. Pull out shelving, high pantry cabinets and tilt out storage bins can all help to give you more space. Try not to clutter up counter space with appliances and other stuff, especially if its something you don’t use often or can live without. Plenty of lighting, a skylight if practical and lighter coloured cabinets can all help to make small kitchens seem larger and more inviting.

A smaller stove, fridge and sink unit are also better suited to a smaller kitchen, and today’s manufacturers have plenty of high efficiency and stylish options that won’t take up all that valuable space. Have your microwave built into a cabinet rather than free standing on a counter, and consider buying a fridge that’s taller rather than wider. And if you just have to have a table in your kitchen, a folding table is an obvious solution for a small space. If possible, place the table next to your counter; that way it can be used as more space for preparing food when needed.

Pans can be hung rather than stacked on a shelf, and all those boxes of plastic wrap, aluminium foil and sandwich bags can be stacked vertically behind the door. Cookery books can go on a shelf on the wall, and large utensils can be hung from hooks in the wall, rather than jammed into a drawer. Those cardboard holders that most people use for magazines can be used to store bottles, and an extra shelf over the top of your cabinets can be used for those plates, dishes and cups you don’t use all the time. Don’t overlook the corners of your cabinets; creative use of that often hidden space can increase your storage space by up to 20 percent.

All kitchens should have a convenient flow between the sink fridge and stove, the three main areas of the kitchen, and this is just as important in small kitchens. Being able to easily get between these three areas can save time and make cooking that much easier.

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