Questions To Ask Before Hiring Your Next Kitchen Fitter


Once you’ve chosen your dream kitchen, it is now time to find a kitchen fitter to bring those bright ideas to life. The fact that the cost of kitchen installation is similar, sometimes more than the kitchen itself, means that you’ll need to find a reliable and professional kitchen fitter.

Kitchen installation is an expensive project that can either make or break your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. It is usually a one-time process that you’ll need to get right the first time. Otherwise, you’d be forced to spend more money on damages that will emerge farther down the road.

Just like any other service, the best way to locate a kitchen fitter is through recommendations. One of your friends, relatives or neighbours might have received the service in the past, and might be in a position to recommend a reliable kitchen fitter.

It is important that you get at least 5 quotes and only focus on candidates that pay attention to detail. The service providers that are able to suggest ideas on how the kitchen could look will be the best to work with since its clear that they are not just interested in getting your money. Before selecting a kitchen fitter, it is important that you ask them a few questions that will help you make an informed decision.

How soon can you complete the project? On average, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete most kitchen projects. Find out from your potential service how long it would take for them to complete the same project and the exact period they’d be able to deliver the task.

Do you have a portfolio? It would be wise to first take a look at a kitchen installer’s previous works before investing in their services. You can also contact some references and find out whether they were satisfies with the way the job was done and delivered.

Can you handle the utilities? – All the electrical and gas works should be handled by either a qualified electrician or Gas Safe registered plumber. If your kitchen installer isn’t able to handle these tasks, they should at least find the right people for the job as opposed to letting you do it on your own.

Do you offer guarantees and for how long? If the kitchen installation was done improperly, you’d be happy to know that the extra cost to repair the damages was covered by the kitchen installer. It is therefore important that you find out how long they offer guarantees before hiring kitchen fitters.

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