Types Of Kitchen Units

A kitchen layout is primarily based on general arrangement of kitchen appliances and cooking equipment. Whether the kitchen space is big or small, with the right organisation, one could fit just about anything and make it work. Fitting in kitchen units makes that possible as the type of kitchen unit one chooses provides the basis for the kitchen layout.

Kitchen units’ classification
A kitchen unit or cabinet is a built-in furniture installed in kitchen spaces for storage of food, cooking equipment and appliances. Kitchen cabinets vary in type and quality of construction. Some of the common types include:

Base cabinet
Base cabinetry normally rests on a toe kick which is usually around four-inches high for ease of use. It is usually 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall.

Tall cabinet
It serves as a pantry storage unit. It is typically 83.5 inches tall.

Speciality units
These units are comprised of sink or cook top fronts, hutches, corner cabinets, bottle racks, suspended units and appliance garages. These units help to maximise organisation efforts and square footage.

Wall cabinet
This is the upper cabinet which is usually 12 inches but can sometimes increase to 17 inches on some custom and semi-custom applications.

Based on quality of construction, units are grouped into for main quality grades, namely; stock, RTA, semi-custom and custom.

Stock units are constructed on site from modular units and are mass produced, thus are available in fixed sizes that cannot be altered. Material used ranges from solid wood to laminated particleboard offering limited range of accessories. These units are considered basic and economical.

Ready-To-Assemble units are often bought from home chain stores. The units have a narrow range in size, style and material and require a do-it-yourself assembly.

These units offer a mid-ranged pricing which usually includes installation. Semi-custom units offer a broad range in finishes, styles, decorative enhancements, storage solutions and are adjustable in depth.

Custom units are one-of-a-kid with tailored sizes and innovative design solutions. The pricing often includes installation and delivery.

In the art of kitchen cabinet installation, carcases are overlooked. Carcases are the units onto which doors and drawer fronts are attached. The quality of a carcase will contribute greatly to the durability of the kitchen’s performance. Carcases range from real wood, melamine-faced chipboards, plywood, medium density fibreboard (MDF) to timber-faced (MDF). The density of the material highly determines one’s kitchen lifetime. Finally, the internal fittings and finishing touches should complete the look.

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