Kitchen Trends In 2019


Like anything else in an interior design, there are always going to be trends in the kitchen. It is never important and necessary for a person to particularly follow trends, but it does give a good starting point for anyone looking for help and assistance when redoing a kitchen. Here are some things to lookout for in 2019 that are very popular currently.

Vintage Looks With Reclaimed Wood

Ironically, it always seems as though vintage is in style. People love the look of something being aged even though it is brand new. One of the best ways to make a kitchen look vintage is to use reclaimed wood. It works with a number of different set ups and styles, and it is relatively inexpensive for the most part.

Touches of Strategic Colour

Going with bold colours all over the kitchen might be a little too much for most people. For those who want at least some colour, it might work best in accents. Adding a colourful refrigerator or dishwasher can really spice up the kitchen very easily. There are also kitchen appliances that can be used in this regard as well. Not only is this a good idea add colour, but things can be changed up as well if the colour ends up not being the right fit.

Dark Flooring

One of the trickiest parts about a new kitchen is what to do with the floor. There are always a lot of options, but it can be tough to pick the right one. Most people seem to be going with darker flooring in general, as it shows less dirt and debris on a consistent basis.

Dark flooring goes particularly well with lighter paint on the walls and the cabinets. It is always a good idea to have a balance with everything in the room to really have a great look in general.

Open Shelving

Shelves are essential in any kitchen, and more and more people are definitely looking at open shelving as a better option. It is much more difficult to hide certain items, but it does allow for a showcase of antique pieces and other trendy looking pieces.

Another big advantage to open shelving is that everything is very easy to reach when using the kitchen. This can save a little bit of time along the way as well as looking pretty cool as an alternative type of design to use.

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