Maximise Cabinet Storage In Small Kitchens

A problem with small kitchens is the lack of storage. Fumbling through junk dressers and cabinets for items is frustrating. Luckily, innovative storage solutions add to the kitchen’s functionality without the clutter. Specifically, take full advantage of the cabinet space given.

Cabinet Space Above
The space between the cabinet and the ceiling is a great storage solution, yet it will take a ladder to grab those items. Avoid using the ladder often by storing seasonal, special occasion, and infrequently used items there without cluttering the rest of the room. Store the items in wire bins, see-through boxes, and plastic tubs to see what’s inside. Frequently clean the area to remove dust, cobwebs, and pests.

Cabinet Space Bottom
Underneath the cabinet is a blank canvas to add shelves, hang hooks, or install whatever is necessary. Use this space for convenience items that will help complete tasks faster. Storage ideas include a can opener, drinkware, spice rack, knife block, task lights, open shelves, and wall outlets. The best choice depends on what can fit between the upper cabinet and the countertop without distraction. Use the cabinet space bottom above the stove and refrigerator too.

Cabinet Side Space
The cabinet side goes one of three ways: connected to other cabinets, attached to the wall, or exposed. While the exposed cabinet side is a forgotten area, homeowners must use this area to add more storage space. Hang pots, pans, oven mitts, kitchen towels, colanders, cutting boards, and kitchen gadgets there. Add open shelves for spices and cups. Install a magnetic knife rack. Regardless of use, consider it a bonus storage space for storing hard-to-store items. Use upper and lower cabinet side space as well as side space between the cabinet and stove/refrigerator too.

Inside Cabinet Door Space
The interior part of the upper and lower cabinet doors is to stop items from spilling out. However, if space becomes limited, make use of the interior cabinet doors. Use this space for frequently used items. Create a spice rack, cutting board, or knife rack shelf. Hang a pegboard or hooks for measuring cups and kitchen gadgets. Be innovative and add a chalkboard or a magnetic sheet for to do lists. If you run out of space, use the interior pantry door.

If money is abundant, small kitchens would be few and far between due to renovations or custom-made homes. Lack of funding or layout issues forces homeowners to keep small kitchens. However, these storage solutions around the cabinet will make the small kitchen immaculate.



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