Kitchen Cabinet Doors That Make A Difference

The kitchen is host to numerous equipment and appliances. From ovens and fridges to cupboards, giving the room a face lift can be tasking. This leaves the cabinet as the biggest unit that can instantly transform the look of your kitchen. Better still, some touches on the cabinet doors are sufficient to create that sleek appearance your kitchen deserves. Whether you prefer shaker, rustic, or contemporary, here are few designs to guide you.

The fixed centre panel of the cabinet is best left flat rather than raised. Although people have different preferences, flat panelled doors are good for sleek designs. These surfaces are easier to clean. If you prefer the traditional look, you can have the centre panel contoured or raised. Have the door coloured or textured to match the theme of your kitchen.

Shaker Style
Shaker cabinets draw their name from the Shaker sect of the 1800s known for their expertise in furniture making. These cabinets feature a signature five-piece design, with a central piece of timber and four slates round the centre. Go for this design if your kitchen features a shaker theme or if you want to add some classic touch to the heart of the home.

Slab Doors
Slab cabinet doors are made flat, without frames, panels, or handles. These are the choice cabinet doors if you want to give your unit a transitional look. You may have them solid or laminated with a stony theme to match the backsplash or floor tiles.

Beadboard Styled Doors
Bead board styles are characterised by vertical pieces of wood terminating to horizontal railings round the corners. A centre beadboard panel acts as support. If you are privileged to have your kitchen overlooking a garden, this farm style cabinet door is right for you. It also blends well with stained-glass windows.

Accent Doors
Accent doors describe a selection of options that accentuate the looks of your cabinet. These include louver doors, mullion doors, glass doors and aluminium frame doors among others. Choose this type to add a sense of modernity and style to your kitchen cabinet doors.

Sliding Cabinet Doors
A sliding door design is a preferred choice for compact kitchens as it occupies no extra space. Since sliding doors are not limited to a particular design, you can fix any style of your choice. If you have been thinking of a retro or vintage caravan design, then sliding is the way to go.

If your kitchen needs some renovation and you are stranded where to begin then cabinet doors is a good start. With the relatively huge size of the unit, any touches made will be clearly visible.

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