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When people think of buying for kitchens, they tend to think of accessories for a kitchen such as a sink or refrigerator. Believe it or not, some companies have entire kitchens for sale. In the interior decorating industry, this generally means all the cabinets and stove being sold as a single package. The complement is usually installed by a professional carpenter.

A kitchen unit is a single piece that contains cabinets and many other essential functions such as the sink in a single piece of furniture. It is moved as a single piece and is installed as a solid unit. This is much quicker than having to build cabinets from individual pieces of wood or having to install several pieces to furnish a kitchen.

Options exist for both large and small kitchens. For small kitchens, it is very common to see a small prefabricated unit and centerpiece installed as a way to take advantage of the small space. This practice has been scaled even to large kitchens, as prefabrication is cheaper for builders and many manufacturers hope to cash in on the prefab market.

Because cabinets are made from many parts, and because sinks and stoves require pipe work, it is more common for these jobs to be performed in controlled factories rather than at the construction site. Modern houses are larger and are built using as many labor-saving methods as possible. Everything from bathrooms to laundry rooms are now installed as prefabricated units, and now kitchen sections are following this trend.

The good news is that there are many options available. A small kitchen might use a unit that resembles a square piece of furniture. It might not look luxurious, but it is sturdy once installed and most certainly gets the job done. People looking for fancier options can choose from metal cabinetry to marble counters and many fancy options.

Great quality units live up to luxury standards, and the floor plan of the house might actually consider the kitchen unit before it is installed. The unit itself is precisely engineered, functional, and quite beautiful. When installed by professionals, it looks natural and is a very comfortable and productive space.

The most extreme example is prefabricating an entire kitchen and then installing it as a section. This is actually common for modular homes, and more unique houses might still install a module so seamlessly that it is hard to tell. Whatever the customer chooses, the product is excellent and will last the lifetime of the house.

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