Established in 1986 and having over three decades of experience, Keller is your best choice when it comes to purchasing kitchens Wilmslow. Obviously, our competitors will also claim that they are the best. We recommend that you check our wide range of kitchen modules including models from Germany and The Netherlands. The quality of the flooring, the countertop, and appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, microwave, and gas oven etc form an essential part of a kitchen. We rely of world renowned manufacturers for these things, such as Siemens, a company that has been breaking new technological ground for over 160 years. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.[read more=”Read more.” less=”Read less.”] We leave nothing to chance We know how important the kitchen is for your family and how an ill designed kitchen can frustrate you or your wife when you or she is cooking. We know that homeowners want to possess the best possible kitchen, stuffed with the latest appliances. However, most of them are unable to fulfil their dream because of the prohibitive costs incurred in setting up such a cookhouse. Our motto is to provide the best products for your cookhouse at the lowest price possible. We are able to provide you with down to earth prices because of our direct tie ups with the leading manufacturers. Kitchen and health Everybody knows about the proverb `a stitch in time saves nine,’ however, how many actually put it to you. Today your wife has to face pain in her back because she has to strain to reach the cupboards hung on the walls of your kitchen. If she follows this routine on a daily basis, she might end up with spondylitis. She might also have to suffer from problems of the respiratory tract if she continues inhaling fumes, released while cooking food in an ill ventilated kitchen. Installing an exhaust fan might help to some extent, but it does not provide an ultimate solution. Carbon monoxide, an invisible killer emitted by kitchen appliances such as gas ranges, charcoal grills, and oil furnaces are extremely dangerous for her health. Kitchen hoods manufactured by Siemens provide the best solution for this problem. Certain models also contain integrated light bulbs that add a shiny look to your kitchen. Why do you not visit our website at to find out more? The good, the bad, and the ugly The ugly: Be prepared to face a tough time wiping marks caused by spills formed while cooking as well as dark stains caused when coffee or tea spills on the countertops, especially if you have a laminated one. More often than not, it becomes impossible to remove those marks after a certain period, even if you use the best stain remover available. The bad: While you can prevent spill marks from forming on a marble countertop by wiping it immediately, such marks are difficult to remove if not cleaned immediately. Marble is a porous substance and the oil and liquid permeates its pores. Apart from causing dark marks, these spots are the breeding place for viruses and bacteria that cause colds, flu, and food borne illnesses. It is the same with granite countertops. Although you might not be able to view dark stains on a countertop made of black granite, the invisible bacteria and viruses pose a health threat for you and the other members of your family. The good: Quartz countertops are your best choice. In fact we recommend it to our clients because of its non porous surface and also because it is cheaper than granite or marble. This approach differentiates us from other companies that specialise in making designer kitchens. More often than not, they will try to promote costly products since it gives them a higher profit margin. A wide network We have a wide network in the Manchester region and residents of Cheshire consider us as the leader and refer our names to their friends and colleagues who are on the lookout for a reputable Cheshire kitchens company. It is the same with people residing in Bowdon and looking for a Bowdon kitchens company that offers them both traditional kitchens as well as designer kitchens at affordable prices. Our team of professionals will help you choose a kitchen layout that gels with the design of your home. Ours is a local company with its headquarter in Altrincham, unlike many other companies that offer designer kitchens Altrincham, who is to big to care. Our global network and our worldwide presence allow us to forge tie ups with leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances and accessories. We deliver what we promise We suggest that you browse over to and check the illustrations of kitchens over there if our low cost puzzles you and makes you believe that we might be using inferior quality appliances. You will surprised to see that we offer quality quartz countertops manufactured by globally popular brands such as Silestone Samsung Ceaserstone While we always suggest our clients to go for quartz countertops, quite a few of them insist on granite. For them we provide goods manufactured by specialists like Sensa Laventina Thomas Group Consentino However, if you still insist on custom made laminate worktop fabrication, we offer such products manufactured by leaders like Dekker , Rational and Schuller. Flooring The flooring of the kitchen should be anti skid in nature. It should also be easy to clean and should not absorb colours of liquids dropped on it. We offer you flooring material manufactured by prestigious companies such as Amtico and Kardene. We also offer Corian countertops, manufactured by DuPont™ for individuals who do not mind paying a hefty price and who demand the ultimate in countertops. Customers can choose from a wide range of trendsetting patterns and tones. It might sound bizarre, but this company allows you to create your own custom colours. Go ahead and create wacky designs for your kitchen’s countertops. We set the bar high Although our customers are satisfied with the quality of our work, we constantly endeavour to raise the bar to provide higher standards of designer kitchens. Thirty years of experience has taught us that many people want a specific style of kitchen, which they have seen on our website, but are unable to purchase it because of space constraints. Keeping these points in mind, we have invested in powerful computers running the latest three dimensional CAD (computer aided design) software. Our specialist drafter will sit with you, mark the dimensions of your kitchen on their computer and arrange all the stuff in it. Once the designing work is over, you can view the layout of the kitchen from different angles. Kitchen at night If necessary, our designer will include simulated lights as well. This allows you to see if the illumination is perfect for cooking properly at night. If you want to incorporate some changes to the layout, tell that to our drafter and he will shift the gadgets to different places until you are satisfied. He can change the colour combination of the walls and countertops so that it meets your requirements. In simple language, you see what you will get before the job of renovating your kitchen starts. For starters, we offer more than 2000 colour choices for doors. This should give you a hint regarding the different permutations and combinations we offer. We doubt if any other kitchens Wilmslow companies can provide you with this degree of personalisation. We do not discriminate All of our clients are equal to us and we do not discriminate between them. We provide our services on first come first served basis. However, the sheer number of Designers we have allows us to tackle multiple tasks at a time. Chances are that you already have a designer kitchen but are on the lookout for a fridge. Do not hesitate since we offer supply only service in addition to partially fitted service as well as fully fitted service without charging extra. This is in stark contrast to many other companies that provide designer kitchens Manchester. They invariably charge an extra amount if you only want to purchase a kitchen gadget from them. If this is not enough, we offer gadgets at down to earth prices since we purchase them in bulk from the manufacturers. We pass on the special discount offered by the manufacturers to you. We believe that nobody will be able to offer you a  oven at prices lower than we offer, even if you purchase it during the sale season. They will never guide you Discuss about the remodelling of your kitchen or building one from scratch from any company that offers German kitchens Manchester. They have a pre configured model and will offer that to you. This means that you end up with a gas powered stove. Are you aware about the escalating costs of gas? Do you know that you could save cash by installing a gas stove as well as an induction cooker? Cook normal foods using the gas oven and heat liquids on the induction cooker. Try this small experiment to understand how you waste money when you heat liquids such as water or milk on the gas oven. In such a scenario, the flame of the oven heats the liquid along with the utensil holding it. The amount of fuel that is required to heat the utensil is a waste of money. Reduce energy consumption The induction cooker works on a different principle. It emits magnetic waves that agitate the atoms of the liquids inside the vessel. When atoms collide with each other, they emit heat. The energy saving ability of the induction oven over the gas charged ones is the same as the power saving capability of the LED (light emitting diodes) over the traditional tungsten bulbs. In fact, you can recover the cost of the induction top in a year, because of reduced energy bills. While on the subject of lights, we include them as well while planning your designer kitchen. We install energy saving LED lamps strategically so that they illuminate the relevant parts of your kitchen without shedding any glare on your eyes. The special soft light lamps employed by us prevent your eyes from getting strained. Cannot find your dream kitchen Are you unable to find your dream kitchen on our website? Why do you not visit the websites of Rational or Schuller? These German firms are world leaders in luxury kitchens. You are sure to find a kitchen that meets your requirements on their website. Select one, take a print of the same and give it to us. We shall arrange that kitchen for you in a few days, since we have a special collaboration with both of those firms. If required we shall mix and match individual elements of different kitchens displayed on our website to configure a custom designer kitchen for you. We do not want to blow our own trumpet. We suggest that you ask your friends, neighbours, and colleagues about Keller kitchens Manchester. Most of them will say that we are probably the best kitchen supplier in the UK. Other partnerships We are also a 5 star Neff master partner. Only companies who have proved their worth by providing quality designer kitchens over the years receive this distinction. We have been trading from the same premises for over 30 years and have a huge list of satisfied clients who swear by our name and recommend us to their friends and colleagues who are on the lookout for a reputable company that provides top quality designer kitchens at a reasonable price. You decide We suggest that you check the prices of kitchens we offer and compare it with a similar kitchen offered by any other company. We guarantee that we shall always beat their prices. On rare occasions, you might find that someone else is offering prices lower than us. This is because they are using cheap imported appliances that will not provide you with yeoman’s service. We only source our materials from leading brands worldwide. This ensures that kitchens built by us last a lifetime or even more. We have many flexible options for you to choose from. Once you have selected a particular design, you can sit down with our specialists and tell them to incorporate changes. Offering best solutions Apart from providing you with a dream kitchen, we also include accessories that make life easier for your wife. Our prices include a special tap that provides her with boiling water on the countertop. A tank hidden underneath the tabletop stores the water.  We also offer a Zip Tap that allows you to get sparkling and filtered, hot and cold water. In fact, we are one of the limited designer kitchen suppliers who offer this tap. If you still have any doubts regarding the quality of our kitchens, why do you not visit our premises and see a live cooking demonstration done on one of our modular kitchens, which we demonstrate from time to time? We are sure that you will fall in love with it at first sight. Location makes no difference Whether you require services of a professional kitchen Manchester based company or require a kitchens Wilmslow specialist, look no further than KK Centre. What about the pain in her back that your wife was experiencing? Our specialists walk the extra mile to note her height and fix the wall mountain cupboards at such a height that she will be able to reach them comfortably. Remember, your designer kitchen will look spick and span for years on end when you entrust the task of building it to us. Get in touch with us today for an obligation free quote. [/read]
  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

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