Keller Kitchen Centre Altrincham is a business that excels at offering every possible kitchen design and renovation projects possible. An independently owned firm, Keller Kitchens Altrincham has been serving the Manchester Road area for more than three decades. The other regions that the company covers include Sale, Hale, Timperley, Knutsford, Bowdon, and Didsbury, to name a few. The company sure has the necessary industry experience – moreover, it’s always on top of industry trends and innovations. The following are the reasons why KK Centre is your right choice for kitchen design and renovation projects:[read more=”Read more.” less=”Read less.”]
  • As aforementioned, the company has been in the industry for more than 30 years, having started journey in 1986. That’s quite a lot of time. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s impossible to survive for so long and still be at the top of your game. KK Centre ( sure is an industry leader. It, in fact, is probably the best UK kitchen supplier.
  • Kitchen Centre provides an array of kitchen designs and plans by the renowned Keller, an exquisite manufacturer from the Netherlands; and Rational and Schuller German manufacturer, who offers top-quality kitchen designs catering to different budgets and tastes.
  • KK Centre also specializes in specific kitchen designs, including Neff and Siemens. In fact, the company is a 5-star Neff master partner, which means excellent prices and exclusive products.
  • The company specializes in specific materials and has an alliance with related businesses – such as quartz (Samsung, Silestone, Ceaserstone); granite (Laventina, Sensa, Consentino, Thomas Group); and Corian.
  • Keller Kitchen Centre also specializes in floor materials, which includes Karndean and Amtico . Also, there are more than 2000 unique door colors on offer.
  • KK Centre ( excels at and takes pride in its ability to offer professional and personalized services, with high design and installation standards. It provides both partially-fitted and fully-fitted services. The company can also offer only supplies, so that you could do the installation by self or by some other service provider (which is not recommended).
  • The company specializes in zip taps (hot, chilled, filtered, and sparkling drinking water), and is the supplier of only one true boiling 100 degree C Quooker tap.
  • As far as kitchen retail goes, KK Centre has more than five decades of experience. It specializes in induction cooking and conducts regular live cooking demonstrations. Despite such rich experience and knowledge, the company never dictates terms and options to its customers. It, in fact, is still all ears whenever there are customer preferences or recommendations coming through – be it modern or traditional kitchen projects.
  • As said earlier, Keller Kitchens knows how technology can be of assistance. It, therefore, uses 3D renders to exhibit what its kitchen design and renovation plans would look like. As a customer, you’ll have a much better picture of what you’re getting into. In case you’ve got drawings from an architect you know, KK Centre can work on those plans as well.
  • KK Centre makes sure the kitchen gets delivered on installation day. This means you need not have to store boxes beforehand
The Kitchen – Throughout the Years Whether larger or small, the kitchen is any house’s heart. The space is used to prepare meals that fuel the minds and bodies of people all across the globe. Much of the kitchen’s relevance and importance seems to be based on its size and the people dependent on it. In older houses, kitchens were modest in size, and generally isolated from the remaining portions of the house. The space was contained and almost used exclusively for cooking. All the mess that the activity created was supposed to be shut off from the remaining house portions. Friends and family usually would eat and come together in the closely situated living and dining rooms. Older houses gave more importance to the living and dining rooms. Kitchens were nothing but utilitarian. The space was solely meant for cooking. Most would still have images afresh of their mothers slaving with the stove, or tirelessly working above countertops. In certain scenarios, kids were prohibited from entering the area so that the mum could focus on the preparation and cooking. However, in the majority of cases, kids were encouraged to be a part of the action and learn the cooking art, thereby churning out true lifetime memories. Kitchens aren’t quiet and sedate rooms. The space is enriched with aroma, texture and energy. In larger and medium-sized houses, kitchens often were roomy enough to encompass a large table for seating a family for a light meal, snack, or breakfast, with dinners and lunches still being carried out in their own rooms. The past generations saw much more significance and importance in family meals. The people back then weren’t too busy – even if they were, they were willing to make time for such brief routine family get-togethers. With time and improvements in kitchen design and layouts, the cooking space has now started accommodating much more utilitarian aspects. Newer kitchens are now designed to house living and dining spaces, so that friends and family can dine and have fun in the kitchen itself. Though some modern kitchens continue to stay as separate spaces, several kitchens have started to embrace other rooms. These larger, newer kitchens now have sufficient area for big tables. Islands are being planned to create a seamless flow for people coming in and moving out of the kitchen. Kitchen functionality and design are getting more importance now. This trend of a versatile kitchen space has caught the attention of people with smaller kitchens too. Consequentially, people have begun altering and enlarging their own kitchen areas to not fall behind this trend. These alterations and renovations are being carried out keeping both resale and lifestyle purposes in mind. It’s not just homeowners, but even realtors see tremendous potential in houses that have a spacious and well-designed kitchen. The resale value of a home largely depends on its cooking room. The kitchen’s functionality and location are vital. Older kitchens have to look more streamlined, newer and sophisticated. To boost their houses’ resale values, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to bring in fresh accessories, appliances and paint. Several buyers, when contemplating an older house with a not-so-spacious kitchen, right away look into renovation options – such as an expansion, remodel, or bringing a wall down for creating more space. Kitchen spaces are now getting more importance because people are placing much emphasis on individual living and dining areas. A lot of attention is now on the room’s design, functionality and layout. There are people who would argue over dining and living rooms still being relevant and deserving their dedicated spaces. However, these people are not a part of the overwhelming majority. Why is Kitchen Design Important? A kitchen is not just a place to cook, but also to eat and have some good time with friends and family. It, therefore, makes sense to create a beautiful yet functional kitchen space. Reasons why you may need a kitchen redesign or a new kitchen layout:
  • The pantry perhaps is not big enough.
  • The island is situated in close proximity to the fridge, which causes a traffic jam-like scenario whenever the fridge is open.
  • When the kitchen is busy or crowded, there isn’t much space available to stand.
These are just some of the problems that could be addressed with redesigning a kitchen. A kitchen design is not just about function or aesthetics – it’s a balance between the two. The following are a couple of major components to be kept in mind when determining  Bowdon kitchens design:
  • Space:
Whether your dining place in the kitchen is small or large, it’s important to make the best use of the space available. Basic areas – such as storage, cooking, preparation, dining and dishwashing – must be allocated proper square footage. The footage would be calculated by several factors – which includes the facility type and the number of people being served at a time.
  • Proper Flow
Typically, properly designed kitchens Wilmslow would have a good workflow. German kitchens Manchester that aren’t big enough or have too many cooking equipment packed in would be tough to work in. A spacious kitchen, on the other hand, is also not a great place to cook since the various kitchen tools and other essentials would be spaced quite far apart, making the whole cooking process laborious. All these aspects may seem easily achievable on paper, but you’d realize the hardship involved once you start executing the plans. A good Keller Kitchens Manchester design isn’t just about picking the right equipment, but also putting them in place so that they function efficiently and blend well with the designer kitchens Manchester layout. Choosing a Design When designing a kitchen, all the members of the family must be asked for thoughts or ideas for the new design. The design should not be completely based on the cooking team’s desires. In fact, getting opinions from guests could also be handy, since the place should be convenient for every individual visiting the house. The ideas for new kitchen design could be your own, or you may look up kitchen design magazines and websites for some inspiration. Ultimately, you don’t want your kitchen to look exactly like any other. The space must have its unique functionality and shape. It’s therefore important you take up specific aspects of many different designs and merge them together for creating your ideal kitchen. The kitchen remodeling ideas you suggest should not just make the kitchen look polished and refined, but must also contribute to a new layout. When zeroing in on a particular design language, make sure you don’t pick up an apartment kitchens Manchester design for a summer house. The environment of such Cheshire kitchens that was not built keeping the overall theme of the house would look odd and may mar the appeal of the house, especially when the property is up on the market. A good kitchens Altrincham designer such as KK Centre knows what kitchen design goes well with the house, and how to execute things. Building a Kitchen – Customer Service Be it a small redesign project or a complete overhaul, a kitchen renovation work is not just putting things into place – it’s also about creating a sense of harmony and flow. Professional kitchen supplies and design companies like KK Centre realize building a kitchen is akin to creating a long-term relationship with the client. This relationship doesn’t end with project completion. Great after-sales customer service is another critical ingredient of success. The following are the ways in which good customer service helps:
  • Decreased Anxiety
Making big decisions can cause anxiety, and designing a kitchen is certainly a major commitment. Once done, you would have to live with it for at least a few years, if not decades. When planning kitchen renovation or design work, anxious homeowners could get confrontational, turn angry or combative, or simply be overwhelmed. This is where customer service makes its presence felt. A professional kitchen builder or designer such as Kellers Kitchen Centre knows ways to combat such anxious thoughts and put homeowners at calm and composed from project start to end. Such a relaxed state of mind helps make better decisions.
  • Trust
A kitchen designer who’s known for its customer service seems more trustworthy. Affiliating with such companies often turns out a happy experience. A trustworthy relationship is not just built with nice words, but also with the ability to offer a helping shoulder during obstacles. Proper communication with the client about everything good and bad about the project is also important.
  • Satisfaction
Probably, the best attribute about good customer service is customers knowing that their requirements are being well taken care of. When a kitchen design contractor treats every project as unique and doesn’t resort to a “template” approach, complete customer satisfaction is almost a given. The service stays relevant even after the project, which can be exhibited through repairs and acknowledging warranty claims, etc. KK Centre takes pride in its commitment to top-notch customer service standards, and belief in always putting the client first. Why Hire a Kitchen Designer? You probably have a vision in place for your designer kitchens Manchester – including ideas pertaining to colors, materials, etc. However, irrespective of how well enlightened you are about the entire process, a kitchens Manchester design expert such as KK Centre is still mandatory to put those plans into action. Our Cheshire kitchens design expert can add several possibilities to your plan, which you may have never thought of otherwise. The Internet, books and magazine may be your source of knowledge, but there are certain industry trends that not all secondary sources cover – only an experienced professional knows what those things are. Just tell us your kitchens Altrincham budget and design choices, we’ll go over them and let you know the maximum we could offer. We would make sure the money you spend on your kitchen turns out to be one of the best investments you ever made. KK Centre Listens to Its Customers We aren’t being formal when we say we listen to our customers. We truly believe in that philosophy and strictly adhere to it whenever planning and executing a design or renovation work. Our company believes in collaboration and all the good design decisions are not just our own. Our job has always been to dig deep, asking our kitchens Wilmslow clients to learn more about their lifestyle so that they have a clearer idea of what their kitchen should look and be like. Therefore, we ask our clients to cooperate with us during the friendly interrogation we perform to arrive at the basic design. This is a process that our German kitchens Manchester designers relish because it lets them move closer to what would satisfy the client the best. When the Keller Kitchens Manchester design is prepared and executed, the end result should be representative of your story. That is what we strive to achieve![/read]
  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

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