For inspirational kitchen designs, contact Keller Kitchens Manchester

Keller Kitchens Manchester with their vast experience of three decades in providing designer kitchens provides you with an offer that you simply cannot resist. Most other companies that provide the same service either do not have the experience required for carrying out such a task or have tie ups with leading suppliers of kitchen appliances, and countertops, etc. The proof of the pudding is in the eating; therefore, you should check their rates and check the testimonial section of their website too. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that a majority of houses in Manchester and its neighbourhoods have kitchens designed by Keller.[read more=”Read more.” less=”Read less.”]

Quality and affordability

When you opt for a different company for this task, you have to either compromise on quality or price. It is surprising to see other companies charge outlandish prices for decade old designs. It seems that the architects of those companies do not have the capability or experience to design new concepts. If this not enough, they charge prices that will end up denting your bank balance. The story is different altogether at Keller who offers you the latest kitchen designs at extremely affordable prices. Ask them for a quote and be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

Keller Kitchens Manchester — why you should hire them

Are you thinking about installing a kitchen in your recently purchased apartment or do you wish to give a makeover to your existing kitchen? Have you searched online for different companies available in Manchester and decided to hire the one that appears at the top of the search engine results. Think twice before you commit yourself. The top two to three listings are paid listings. Check the bottom of the listing and you will see the word `Ad’ present. Any company can get their details listed at the top of search results for specific words and phrases. However, this does not mean that they can deliver what they promise. It is a different story altogether at Keller Kitchens Manchester, a company whose personnel have in depth knowledge about both designer kitchens and traditional ones too.

What you might not know

Keller Kitchen Centre is a Altrincham based company that specialises in installing designer kitchens at affordable prices. They are one of the few companies in this niche that have a global presence.

Established in 1986 and trading from the same premises for over thirty years they are the undisputed choice for individuals looking for designer kitchens Manchester.

Why designer kitchens

Designer kitchens are made with high quality materials proven to last longer than the ordinary ones. They can really make a statement and infuse a lasting impression to visitors, making them the best kitchens for people who are looking for dramatic style. In simple terms, they enhance the overall beauty of your home. These kitchens, designed to last a lifetime, are friendly for the user too. Adequate floor space in such kitchens ensures that the person using it can move from one part of the kitchen to the other easily and without bumping into any appliance. Most people believe that they cannot afford such kitchens. However, their fears will vanish once they contact Keller, the undisputed leader amongst kitchens Manchester companies. Cheshire residents should compare different Cheshire kitchens companies. They will find that Keller offers the best value for money.

The process of selecting a kitchen

Unlike other companies that have a limited number of designs, Keller allows you to design your kitchen as per your requirement. Once you visit their office, a specialist architect will listen to you and understand your requirements. He will also ask you for your budget. Once he receives this information, he will create a dummy of the kitchen in their computer, using state of the art architectural software. They will next place different kitchen appliances on the dummy. If you feel that you want a different configuration, tell that to the designer. He will rearrange the appliances as per your request until you are satisfied.

The restoration process

The restoration process starts once you have approved the layout. The designer prints a scaled down version of the layout and provides it to the engineers of the company. They will quickly complete the changeover of your kitchen by following this design. The best part of having computer aided designing software is that it allows the designer to make changes in the layout as many times as required. On an average, creating a layout from scratch to the end requires a couple of hours, depending on the complexity of the kitchen and the number of appliances that will be included in it.

The best kitchens Altrincham

Look no further than Keller when you want to build a designer kitchen for your Altrincham based apartment. This company leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get the best value for your money. They also provide you with valuable advice to ensure that your kitchen stays as good as new for many years. Take the countertop for example. Many companies, in an attempt to cut costs, suggest their clients to go for a marble countertop. This can end up in disaster since marble is porous and spills on it will damage its colour unless you wipe the spills immediately, especially if they have installed a white coloured countertop. Apart from this, the clogged pores of the granite countertop are the ideal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, which can contaminate your food.

Advantage quartz

Keller on the other hand always suggests their clients to install a quartz countertop. It has no pores so you need not worry about spill marks. However, the specialist of Keller will tell you to clean such spills as soon as possible. Those worried about the cost factor will be pleased to know that quartz is cheaper than granite. Apart from this, you can also order a quartz countertop in the colour, texture, and pattern you want. For the uninitiated granite is porous too. Hence opting for quartz countertops saves you money as well as protects your kitchen against bacteria and viruses.

Why waste money while cooking

Are you aware of the escalating prices of cooking gas? Did you know that you could cut down on energy costs massively by installing an induction oven? This gadget works by generating magnetic waves. When you place a vessel containing water, milk, and other types of liquid on the induction cooker and switch it on, the magnetic waves passes through the vessel and agitates the liquid inside, heating it up in the process. The best part is that the vessel itself remains cold. When you use a gas oven for the same purpose, it heats the vessel too, wasting precious energy in the process. Thanks to their collaboration with Siemens, Keller can provide the best quality induction cooker for your kitchen. This collaboration also allows them to offer you the state of the art ovens, combination steam ovens, warming drawers, dishwashers, hobs, and hoods. All of these devices will provide you with years of dedicated service if you use them properly and clean them regularly. The innovative technologies of these appliances and their convenient functions take work off your hands, and inspire you to create delicious dishes.

Visiting your friend in Bowdon

Were you impressed by the aesthetic kitchen of your friend in Bowdon when you last visited him? Chances are bright that he had hired Keller, the Bowden kitchens specialist. He told you that this company allowed him to deal with kitchen designer right through the installation process. The specialists of KK Centre discussed his requirements and the amount of money he was willing to spend for his new kitchen. Following that, they showed him a number of designs to choose from. They also told him that he could change the accessories during the designing process. This allowed him to configure his kitchen exactly as he wanted. He was surprised to see the amount of free floor space the specialists of Keller were able to incorporate… thanks to their vast experience in setting up designer kitchens. They also set up a special water tap on top of the countertop, which provided him with boiling water constantly. They had also included a Zip tap that provided crystal clear chilled, sparkling and hot filter water.

You get what you want

You get what you want when you get your designer kitchens set up by Keller Kitchens Manchester. It does not matter whether you want a classical or a modern kitchen because this company specialises in setting up both traditional kitchens as well as modern kitchens. Some persons do not mind paying more to install a granite countertop. Others are satisfied with the long lasting and non porous quartz countertops. Keller can meet the requirements of all of them. They have tie ups with leading granite and quartz countertop manufacturers such as

  • Silestone
  • Samsung
  • Ceaserstone
  • Sensa Granite
  • Laventina
  • Thomas Group
  • Consentino
  • Neolith

Since they purchase their requirements in bulk directly from the manufacturers, they get the countertops at extremely cheap prices. Keller challenges you to find another designer kitchen company that can provide you with countertops at the prices that Keller offers. This means that you get top grade stuff at ridiculously prices.

Go for something special

Searching for new kitchen appliances can be a daunting task, especially if you are planning a brand new kitchen simultaneously. If you want something out of the ordinary, then settle for nothing less than Neff. They are the world leaders of modular kitchen appliances of various types such as

  • Steam ovens
  • induction hobs
  • Flush line ceiling ventilation
  • Downdraft
  • Gas on glass cooking
  • Pyro cleaning

The sad news is that they will not deal with you directly. You have to purchase your requirements from one of their master partners. You will be pleased to know that Keller Kitchen Centre is one of the few 5 Star Neff master partners. This allows them to provide exclusive products at excellent prices. Browse through the website of Neff and select a kitchen appliance of your preference. Now get in touch with Keller and request them to arrange to set up that item in your home. They will source your requirements from Neff and set up your kitchen appliance. Neff provides thei master star partner only to selected companies that have proved their worth over time. This further fortifies the fact that Keller is one of the leading providers of exclusive kitchens and is the leading kitchens Wilmslow company.

German kitchens

Chances are that you have been looking at German kitchens, as they seem to have a reputation for good quality. However, the prices offered by some of the leading brands of that country are too costly and beyond your reach. Does this mean you have to settle for something else? You need not worry as Keller provides you quality German kitchens at affordable prices. Why do you not visit their website at and check the wide ranges of such kitchens they have on offer. You will be pleasantly surprised to find quite a few that meets your budget. If you are based in Manchester and are on the lookout for affordable German designer kitchens, search online for German kitchens Manchester. Since Keller is a Dutch based company, you will face no problems in finding a Dutch kitchen on their website too. Keller’s principle is to provide people with the best luxury kitchens. They are there to provide you with a kitchen of your liking that meets your budget. They treat all clients equally and provide them the same degree of attention. In fact, they are one of the few companies that walk the extra mile to satisfy their clients.

No job is too big or too small

Keller has formed a reputation of addressing the needs of all types of clients. You can contact them if you want a fully fitted service, a partially fitted service, or a supply only service. They will provide you with the same degree of attention and care that they do for clients that want the best kitchen that money can buy.

Designing a kitchen is a mean task

Designing a artistic kitchen that offers ease of use too is not a simple task. The designer has to ensure that the person using the kitchen is able to access all appliances without any problems. The wall mounted cupboard should be set up at such a height that the user can reach it without straining his back. If there is not enough space in the kitchen, the designer has to find a way to stack one appliance over the other in such a way that the appliance at the bottom does not buckle under the pressure of the appliance over it. This requires extensive experience. That is why you should depend on Keller Kitchens Manchester to plan and build your kitchen.

Help your better half

Your wife spends a decent percentage of her time in the kitchen, preparing food for you and the other members of your family. She will not be able to continue this chore for a long time in a poorly designed kitchen. There are instances where there is hardly any space left in the kitchen for her to move from one place to the other without bumping on one thing or the other. Rely on Keller to reset all the gadgets in your kitchen in such a way that it provides you with maximum floor space. While on the topic of floors, contact Keller and request them to install top quality flooring sourced from leading brands such as Karndene and Amtico.

Browse over to and check out samples of their previous work. Check the testaments posted by their clients. You will be surprised by the design quality of their kitchens and the relatively low costs incurred in setting up one of them in your home.[/read]


  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

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