About The Keller Kitchen Centre (The KK Centre): What Makes A Kitchen Special

More often than not, a kitchen is only as valuable as its finishes. A great kitchen should both look great and function well. As such, high-quality installations and high-end finishes add tremendous value to a kitchen (and subsequently the home), and those who can efficiently design and install the same are in high demand. Everything from floors to countertops, backsplash, high-end appliances, built-ins, sinks, islands and fixtures must all come together seamlessly in order to build the best possible kitchen in any size space. Thankfully, the home of experienced kitchen experts, the Keller Kitchen Centre located in Manchester Altrincham, not only has a wide variety of kitchen finishes and exclusive products at excellent prices for customers, they also have the specialists there that are equally adept at building both traditional and modern kitchens and more. Here’s more of what you can expect from The KK Centre.[read more=”Read more.” less=”Read less.”]

Getting Value For Money From Experience German Kitchens Experts In Manchester

The decision to remodel an existing kitchen, or build a new one is not a decision to be taken lightly. A kitchen can add to or take away from the value of a home or property. So much so, that it is often said that houses can be bought and sold on the quality of the kitchen. The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house where family members, friends, and loved-ones spend a lot of time bonding, entertaining, and participating in everybody’s favourite activity — eating. Therefore, only the absolute best is good enough. These are just a few of the reasons that the look, feel, and use of space in the kitchen are so important.

With the right design features and finishes, homeowners like yourself can have the kitchen of your dreams whether you have a small or large space working with, or whatever your personal or preferred style. The folks at the KK Centre specialise in the professional installation of German kitchens Manchester and appliances can help you get just that. It’s time to say goodbye to dated, dingy kitchens, and hello to bright, airy, open luxurious kitchens with the following benefits and services from The KK Centre.

The best that German and Dutch engineering has to offer

While kitchen finishes and fixtures are great to look at, having top-level, standard-bearing engineering behind it is just as (maybe even more) important. Having the best-engineered products ensures that your kitchen will not only look great but that it will also function like a beauty for many years to come. This is why at the KK Centre, products built using German engineering and Dutch engineering are mainstays in the various kitchen designs and installations. The KK Centre specialists are dubbed the German kitchens Manchester experts with good reason. Simply put, nobody does German or Dutch engineering better.

A proven track record

Established since 1986, the KK Centre has been around for a very long time. So much so that the very name bears its own standard in the kitchen supplies and installation markets. For starters, the KK Centre specialists have been trading from the same location for the last thirty years. Hundreds of customers have passed through the centre, leaving as happy customers every time.

A 3D planning visual experience

Sometimes when you are ready to redo or build a kitchen from scratch it is hard to know where to start or what to expect. This is true even when you have a fairly clear picture in your head of what you want. The truth is having an idea in your mind’s eye and having the same be brought to life are two very different things. In fact, without the right tools, the two things can differ vastly. This reality makes the 3D planning visual experience option by the KK Centrex that much more valuable. With the KK Centre’s 3D planning visuals, you can see your kitchen come together in a digital, true to life representation, making you sure of exactly what to expect. No more wishing and hoping your kitchen designers catch your vision. With a 3D representation, you can be absolutely sure — what you see is what you will get.

A variety of service options (full, partial and supply only) to suit your needs

No two kitchens are exactly alike. Kitchens are as unique as the individuals who occupy and use them. Just as taste and preferences differ, so too do needs. As such, the KK Centre has different service options to meet these very different needs. These options include full service, partial and supply service:
– The full-service option is perfect for those individuals who may be starting from scratch, or totally redoing an entire kitchen from the ground up. This service option provides design, installation, and appliances services – the whole nine yards.
– The partial service is for those who may not be starting from scratch or in need of a total kitchen overhaul but may still need design and appliances assistance, or part installation of specific fixtures. For example, you may simply need a new sink and countertops for your kitchen, and therefore need design options that will match what you already have, and then have the same installed.
– The supply only service option is perfect for those who may only need to purchase new kitchen supplies or appliances and only have those installed.

Professional installation of exclusive kitchens and appliances

Whether you need your entire kitchen to be done, or you just need to have a few appliances installed, you can count on the KK Centre to provide you with professional installation every time. Clients can count on installations being done to code, seamless, and neat. Both the appliances and the kitchen will be done to the very best standard, using kitchen ranges, equipment, appliances, fixtures, and specialists from the top brands including:
– Schuller
– Silestone
– Neff
– Siemens
– Rational
– Samsung
– Keller
– Sensa
– Laventina
– Consentino
– Thomas Group
– Caeserstone
among others.

A specialist for everything

The KK Centre is able to provide services and products of such high standards because they have a specialist for everything, as well as exclusive associations with the best brands around. For starters, the KK Centre is a five star Neff master partner, providing customers with exclusive Neff products at competitive prices. Also on hand are specialists for different brands (like Zip tap specialists) and fixtures (like Quartz countertop specialists for example).

Professional help from start to finish

Once you contact the lovely folk at the Keller Kitchen Centre, you are guided from idea to finish. You will work with one of the Centre’s highly qualified designers from tossing ideas around, all the way through to installation. This means you will never be left alone at any point during the process, and so will have everything you need, every step of the way.

German Kitchens Manchester Features From The KK Centre (www.kkcentre.co.uk) That Make All The Difference In Your Kitchen

There are countless options to choose from where kitchen designs and fittings are concerned. Some options are may be tied to cultural backgrounds (such as our new Japanese inspired Tio Zen Edition by Rational), while others may be tied to preferred styles (much like the modern/natural classic twist inspired Cosmo Holm Oak by Keller). Whatever the preferred style(s) or varying cultural background, the KK Centre has many suitable, available features and fixtures to choose from. Here are a few of them listed by category:

Countertops and worktops

Not surprisingly, Quartz, Granite, and Corian countertops are really popular right now. All three are very attractive and highly functional options that add to the value of any kitchen – large or small. This is as countertops and worktops provide those surface within the kitchen where we prepare and consume food. Think about that large multi-functional island in the middle of an open concept kitchen for example. For these reasons and more, the KK Centre has Quartz, Varian and Granite specialists on hand to help you secure the best countertops in each category from the best brands.

The KK Centre also offers Bespoke laminate worktops fabrication. These are available in a number of different colours, can be made in a wide range of sizes, and the edges can be rounded or squared depending on preference. High-quality laminate worktops from Bespoke are highly function, can add to the attractiveness of the kitchen space, and are perfect for those wishing to have a great worktop on a budget.

Increasingly popular countertop or worktop options include Neolith and Dekton. Both are countertop options available at the KK Centre. These options are great for those who want a marble-like finish.

Kitchen ranges and appliances

Kitchen ranges and other appliances like refrigerators are integral to a kitchen look and function of a kitchen. Without either, we would never be able to prepare and store food in a hygienic manner. Stainless steel appliances and ranges are current popular options, and they are available at the KK Centre in some of the leading brands including:
– Rational
– Keller
– Quooker
– Neff

In addition to bringing you world-class brands, the KK Centre also has specialists and designer, trained to help you choose the best ovens, cook tops, or ranges to meet all your needs, even if those needs were to include live cooking demonstration and induction cooking, for example.


As is the case with high-end appliances, high-end fixtures are a must-have in any modern, high-quality kitchen. At the KK Centre, such high-end fixtures include the wide range of Zip taps available. Zip taps are a wonderful use of technology that provide both hot and cold filtered water directly from the tap. This makes them great for both cooking and drinking. Best of all, the taps are available in a variety of styles and colours, and Zip tap specialists are on hand at the Centre to install as well as choose taps from the available Zip tap options. Importantly, the KK Centre is a supplier of the Quooker water tap – considered the only true boiling water tap with a 100-degree celsius.


The floor of any room can either open up the look and feel of the space, or completely close it off, depending on the type, colour, and size of the flooring options chosen. The kitchen is no different. Lighter coloured floors, for example, can help you make a smaller space appear larger. The engineers and designers at the Keller Kitchen Centre can help you decide which type of flooring will work best for your space. As far as supplies go, the KK Centre is currently home to Amtico and Karndene floors both of which carry a myriad of flooring options including hardwood, tiles, laminate and more.

Pulling It All Together: Creating The Perfect Look For Your Kitchen Using The Resources At The KK Centre

In addition to all the lovely features and appliances that can make a kitchen that much more special is the guiding theme which helps pull it all together to create an attractive and cohesive space. Engineers and specialists can help you get the modern and traditional kitchens you so desire. There are existing ready-made designs on hand at the Centre that can be used as a template for your own kitchen. Of course, kitchen designs Manchester options can also merge different design styles to create something unique, as is the case with the following three options from the KK Centre:

Case Classic By Rational

Designed using the ranges from the Rational line of products, the Case Classic kitchen designs blends classic, minimalist, modern, sleek lines with artsy, eclectic elements. There are lots of whites, greys, some browns, silver accent pieces, and the occasional pop of colour like magenta cabinetry. This collection is perfect for the modern artist who likes the idea of having clean and classic lives being coupled with the occasional colourful statement pieces.

Penthouse By Keller

The Penthouse by Keller kitchens uses products from the Keller line. As the name suggests, Penthouse is perfectly geared toward those who like classic, high-end style, marked primarily by black, white and greys. Think grey feature walls with light cabinets and dark floors, stainless steel appliances (can be built in) with a pop of colour in the back-splash and you will begin to paint a clear picture of what this collection looks like.

Of course, there is no need to stick strictly with the options above. There are other options that you can add to your own kitchen design. You can opt to mix design ideas and elements from the collections above with each other, or add other elements depending on your taste such as some rustic elements. Colour also can be chosen to your liking. If you find that greys and whites are too bland for you, you can opt for other colour palettes that may be better suited to your taste, as well as to the space you are working with. Expectedly, the existing feel and design style of the other rooms in the home should be considered when remodelling the kitchen.

Designer Kitchens Manchester: Here’s How You Can Get Yours Today

If you live in and around the Manchester area and would like to have the designer, luxurious, kitchen of your dreams, you can get started on overhauling or putting the finishing touches on your kitchen by visiting www.kkcentre.co.uk. Kkcentre.co.uk serves as a digital hub, catalogue, and point of contact for all you kitchens Manchester options. It is a convenient starting point for your search, and best of all, consultation is free. Contact a member of staff at the KK Centre using the information on the official website and get started building your dream kitchen today![/read]


  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

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