Getting designer kitchens Manchester is not as costly as you think

Are you planning to redesign your old kitchen, or do you need a made to order kitchen for your new house? You might end up losing a lot of money by entrusting the task in the hands of non professionals. By the way, never attempt to do the task on your own by following online videos. Can you imagine the dilemma you will have to face if you injure yourself while trying to do the job on your own? Chances are that you might be worried about the cost involved in hiring the services of a professional company. The good news is that you can hire a designer kitchens Manchester based company for the job without burning a hole in your pocket.[read more=”Read more.” less=”Read less.”]

What is the advantage?

For starters, professionals use high quality materials that last longer than ordinary ones to make designer kitchens. Such kitchens show off attention to strong principles of design. Therefore, the result is a harmonious sense of proportion, weight, and balance. In a nutshell, these kitchens add a spectacular effect to the overall home interiors. Keeping these factors in mind, the individual entrusted with the task should have an aesthetical sense. This allows him to study the rest of the house, and plan a kitchen accordingly. However…

Understanding the basics

To start building a designer kitchen or fixing an existing one and innovate it, is not an easy task. Therefore, you should leave the job to a professional. The cost factor is biggest advantage of doing so. Since these professionals have tie ups with manufacturers of all goods required for building a designer kitchen, they get a hefty discount, since they purchase goods in bulk. All renowned companies that specialise in building such kitchens, including those who make designer kitchens Manchester pass on a hefty percentage of this margin to their clients. This is not possible for individuals who work for a small budget since they have to purchase goods from retailers, who charge more. This hikes up the overall cost of the project.

What to look for before hiring a company for the job

You should check the reputation of the company and the number of years they have been in the business. Obviously, opting for a local company makes sense since you can visit their studio whenever required. Apart from this, it cuts down on transportation and lodging costs for the staff of a company located in a different city. Instead of opting for the first company that you come across on the net, check a few of them, note down their contact details and request them to send their surveyor to determine the cost of remodelling your kitchen. Remember, a professional will be easily able to fit all the requirements of the kitchen, even if its floor area is not too much.

Designer kitchens by Keller Kitchen Centre

Keller Kitchen Centre has the enviable reputation of being the number one company in Manchester that specialises in designer kitchens. A brief look at their website at will allow you to view a selection of their Rational kitchen range and Keller Kitchens selection. Located in Altrincham, a market town in Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, this firm has been in the business of creating kitchens for over 30 years. This experience allows their professionals to dream up the perfect designer kitchen for your house in a couple of hours after they have viewed the rest of your house. It is doubtful if there are any other companies in Manchester that specialise in the same niche.

Cost factor

Most individuals hesitate to hire such companies. They fear that they will not be able to afford the costs demanded by the company. This is not the case with Keller, who has plans suitable for all types of budgets. In fact, inform them about your budget and they will conjure a kitchen that is pleasing to the eye and meets your budget too. Established in 1986, these experienced experts have been trading from the same premises for over three decades.

They deliver what you want

Neff is a renowned German brand a market leader that offers a wide range of very well made appliances. However, you need not contact them when you deal with Keller, since they have tie ups with Neff and are a Neff specialist. They are also a Siemens specialist, which means that you can expect the best range of kitchen goods such as different types of dishwashers, ovens and refrigeration gadgets. For the uninitiated, Siemens are famous worldwide for their ingenious and innovative designs, which result in appliances that designer kitchen specialists can combine to suit the style of your kitchen.

I am not satisfied

Chances are that the Siemens range of kitchen appliances might not satisfy you. Hunting for new appliances for your kitchen can be a daunting task, particularly if you plan to build a new kitchen. This is where the wide range of kitchen appliances by Neff can help solve your problems. Unfortunately, this company does not deal with all companies that specialise in creating designer kitchens. You need not worry, since Keller, the undisputed leaders in designer kitchens Manchester, are also a 5 Star Neff master partner. This allows them to offer you the exclusive range of kitchen appliances manufactured by Neff, probably the best kitchen appliances supplier in the UK.

What about the countertop

You need to be very careful when selecting the material for the countertop of your kitchen. Spills will take place during the cooking process and they stain the countertop, especially those made from wood. Even countertops made from granite are prone to staining if you do not wipe away the spill as soon as possible. Granite is porous in nature and the spill soaks into its pores damaging it permanently, especially if you have used a light shade of granite for your countertop. These pores can also be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, which can contaminate food. This is where quartz countertops rule. Since quartz is non porous, it resists staining from spills, and resists staining from coffee, tomato soup, wine, and other sources of stains in your kitchen. Since it is non porous, you need not worry about bacteria or viruses. offers a wide range of quartz countertops including those manufactured by Silestone, Samsung, and Ceaserstone… the industry leaders. It is the same for granite countertops. Keller has tie ups with leading suppliers of granite countertops such as Sensa, Laventina, Consentino, and the Thomas Group. All of these countertops are available in a wide range of prices, which meets all types of budgets.

Serving different locales

If you are based in Altrincham and are thinking about renovating your kitchen, look no further than Keller, popular with local residents as the leaders in designer kitchens Altrincham. You will also find them if you search the net for the best Bowdon kitchens designer organization.

Something outstanding

German engineered products are renowned all over the world for their quality and build, and it is no different for designer kitchens. German kitchens Manchester provided by Keller will help make the heart of your home a much nicer place to be. The best part is that you can purchase this high quality, state of the art kitchen at pocket friendly prices. It is doubtful if any other kitchens Manchester based company will be able to offer you German kitchens. Those residing in Cheshire can also avail the services of this company that offers planning of new kitchens in Cheshire as well as Cheshire kitchens redesigning too. Obviously, those on the lookout for designer kitchens Manchester should look no further than Keller kitchens Manchester. If you still have any doubts, as your friends, neighbours, and colleagues. Chances are bright that a majority of them have kitchens designed and setup by Keller.

Advantage Keller

Nobody else in the region, apart from KK Centre can provide you the best quality service at the lowest possible price. No job is too big or small for them. Therefore you can approach them whether you need a:

  • Fully fitted service
  • Partially fitted service
  • Supply only service

You can rest assured that they will do justice to the job without denting your bank balance or compromising on quality. Are you worried about how your kitchen will look after the company has redesigned it, or built one from scratch? It is extremely tough for an ordinary person to visualise the result by looking at plans and elevation designs. Keller offers a 3D planning visual experience. They will take photographs of your kitchen from different angles and will input these images on a computer containing 3D imaging software. This allows use to see different parts of your kitchen from different angles. The company will even include simulated lights on different areas of the image so that you can visualise how the kitchen looks when lit up at night.

Setting up kitchen appliances

The professional designer of the company will next add different components of the kitchen and move them as required so that they all fir the kitchen properly. The software allows them to measure space to the tenth of a millimetre. This level of accuracy is required when putting too many things in a small area. Once the layout is completed, you can view a glimpse of the virtual kitchen from different angles. If you are not satisfied, tell the designer… he will incorporate changes based on your inputs, as long as it is feasible. Remember, the designer will also check the blank floor space to ensure freedom of movement of the person using it. He will also ensure that the height of the wall mounted cabinets are such that an average person can reach it without straining. The software also helps the designer determine the costs of the appliances incorporated in the design. It does so by fetching the price of individual items from a database. If you think the price is more than you can afford request the designer to replace the appliances with lower priced ones. Once you are satisfied, the engineer will take a scaled down prints of the image from different angles and hand it over to the engineer of the company.

View ready made kitchens

In most cases, the designer will show you the designs of several pre configured kitchens. Dot not forget to request the designer to show you some designs made from Dutch engineering ideas or German engineering concepts. They are mind blowing and will change the decor of your kitchen. Once you are happy with the decor of one of them, you have the opportunity to either accept it or make changes of the layout of the appliances. Do not worry about colour combination since the designer can change them to match the colour combination of the other rooms of your house. This might appear unbelievable, but Keller offers in excess of 2000 doors in different hues and patterns. The installation work begins once you have approved the design and appliances.

Installation process

The architects, engineers, and plumbers of Keller will come to your place armed with appliances and the tools required to fix them. They will then visit your kitchen, and mark the spots where the appliances will be set. You can learn a lot about professional installation of kitchens and appliances by observing them carefully. It is a good time to request them to set up the only true boiling water tap from Quooker, which constantly supplies water at 100°C. This device produces true boiling water, which is stored under your kitchen counter in a large insulated tank. The running costs for this appliance is extremely low. If you have requested for it, their zip tap specialist will install the zip tap too. This fantastic and cost efficient device delivers chilled and boiling filtered water. Relish the benefits of filtered water and save on time and energy too.

Check the kitchen before you buy it

Keller frequently holds live cooking demonstration at their workplace. This provides with an opportunity to see how efficient their designer kitchens are. Do not be worried if you do not want a modern kitchen since this company is a traditional kitchen specialist too.

Save energy costs

The prices of propane, the gas used by your cooking range, are increasing every year. Costs apart, there is another disadvantage when using gas for cooking. You waste more energy when you use this process. Try to touch a pan containing boiling water when it is on top of the oven. You will end up scalding your fingers. You can save the energy wasted in heating the pan by installing an induction cooker. It is powered by electricity and emits magnetic forces that agitates the water (or any other liquid) and heats it without raising the temperature of the pan containing it. The engineers of Keller are specialist in induction cooking too. They will help you to purchase the best induction cooker for your needs. You can also use the induction cooker for cooking other objects on special vessels. On a typical basis, the cooker ships with some vessels. Remember, you need flat bottom vessels made from iron or stainless steel if you want to cook food or boil liquid in such a cooker. The reason is simple, because the heating process is done by magnetic waves and magnets attract only iron and steel.

Do your wife a favour

Remember, your wife is the queen of the kitchen. She spends a majority of her time over there, preparing food for you and the members of her family. Are you aware of the problems she is facing in your outdated kitchen and the antique appliances therein? Do her a favour… contact Keller today for a no obligation quote, strike a deal, and let their professionals deal with the designer kitchen right through the installation process. As you will find out, the charges of this company, inclusive of materials and labour, is much less than what you might have expected.[/read]


  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

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