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Cheshire area kitchens are your one stop shop for everything related to designer kitchens. We have been in this business for 30 years and have forged a special reputation with our clients. People often worry about the price factor when they plan to renovate their old kitchen or decide to build one from scratch. Chances are that they might have not visited our website. In fact, we offer stunning kitchens for prices that you would expect to pay for normal ones. We strongly suggest that you visit our website and select from a wide range of models that meet your budget.[read more=”Read more.” less=”Read less.”]  

Our guarantee

We guarantee that you will love our work. If fact, we shall alter the configuration of the kitchens designed and installed by us until you are satisfied. Our friendly staffs are always available to guide you to find the perfect kitchen in case you are unable to do so. We have been in this business since 1986, something that few others can claim. Apart from setting up your dream kitchen, we also provide accessories for the same. We have tie ups with suppliers of the leading brands of induction cookers, taps, quartz and granite countertops, and much more.

For Cheshire kitchens KKC are your best bet

The kitchen is the domain of your wife and she is the ruler of that zone. She spends a lot of time preparing dishes for her family members. However, have you ever checked the horrid working conditions in her kitchen? Have you noticed the amount of free carpet area in the kitchen, which restricts her movements? Apart from this, she has to make do with old fashioned cooking equipment. The counter top is so worn down that you dare not invite your friends or relatives inside the kitchen. Did you notice how much your wife has to strain to reach for utensils, stored on the wall fixed cupboards, because of their positioning high up on the wall?

Allow your self some comfort

Provide comfort to your self by scrapping your old kitchen and replacing it with a modern one. Most builders only provide the basics in the kitchen such as power supply outlets, water pipeline, propane gas pipeline, and other trivial thinks. You can depend on the specialists of to set up a kitchen, including utensils and other accessories like induction cooker, hot water tank, and much more in your newly purchased home. Their experience of 30 years in this field has provided them with skills required to change a mundane kitchen into a work of art in just a few weeks. Your better half will be surprised with the egronomic settings that allow to
  • Work comfortably in the kitchen for hours at a stretch
  • Move around the different areas of the kitchen without stumbling into one thing or the other
  • Fetch goods from wall mounted cupboards easily, since they are set within her reach.

How can they offer such low prices?

You might be wondering how Keller Kitchen Centre can afford to use fixtures, manufactured by renowned brands, at such a low price whereas other kitchen renovators quote much more. The secret is that this company has tie ups with leading manufacturers and purchase goods from them in bulk. This allows them to get a special discount on the list price. The other renovators have to purchase their requirement from retailers at a higher price. Following this, they include their profit margin. This effectively increases the overall costs of the fixtures considerably. Keller can solve your problem, even if you are conservative and require a standard kitchen since they, apart from being a modern kitchen specialist, are traditional kitchen specialists too.

Looking for something extraordinary

Are you fed up of contemporary kitchen designs and want something unique? Request the specialists of Keller to show you their wide range of modular kitchens, built with the expertise of German engineering and Dutch engineering. Obviously, you will have to pay over and above the cost of other kitchens, but the durability of such models and the decor they provide to your kitchen is unparalled. When it comes to kitchen design, German engineering is the best to produce an extremely functional, well tuned and timeless end product.

Ergonomic design

It further represents the ultimate in unparalled innovation, luxury, and true ergonomic design. Dutch engineering, on the other and, challenges the craftsmen by daring them to explore the boundaries of their skills and of the material used for designing the kitchen. Expect Dutch craftsmen to visualise kitchen designs that others feel are beyond the scope of construction. How they manage to do it remains a mystery, given the number of new designs they come out with on a regular basis.

All types of services

Keller provides all types of services. What sets them apart from the rest is their willingness to take up on any type of job. Therefore, you can depend on them
  • If you already have a kitchen and only need partially fitted service such as changing the tap or the location of the gas supply
  • If you have already hired a different company to refurnish your kitchen and only want supply only service, (think of the Pounds you can save when you purchase top quality countertops, taps, and other accessories)
  • Obviously, Keller is your best choice when you require fully fitted service

You name it and they have it

You might have heard of international brands specialising in designing modular kitchens such as Rational and Schuller. Both of them are German based and are known all over the world for their top of the line modular kitchens. Keller has tie ups with both these companies as well as some of the leading Dutch companies. In case you did not know, Keller is a Dutch based company. Check their website to view these exclusive and stunning ranges of kitchens and select one that looks appealing. Obviously, your wife will take the final decision because she has to spend the maximum time in the kitchen.

The kitchen floor

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of the kitchen. It should be scratch proof as well as stain proof. Apart from this, it should have anti skid properties. This prevents persons from slipping in case they put their foot on a wet floor.
  • Amtico is famous worldwide for its unique combination of inspirational, innovative, and design led luxury vinyl flooring collections. Some of their popular collections include Spacia, and Signature. Let your imagination run wile while you view their practical and stylish range of luxurious wood and stone effect vinyl tiles.
  • Karndene also offers a humongous range of stylish and highly practical floor solutions. You will be bowled over by their wide variety of wood, LoseLay, and resilient vinyl flooring.
You need not hunt for those floorings since Keller will source them for you.

Bespoke laminate worktop fabrication

Keller has their inhouse laminate worktop fabrication facility. This allows them to manufacture and supply a wide range of made to order as well as standard laminate worktops, both round edge and square edge, in various sizes and colours.


It is the most important and often overlooked part of the kitchen. You might be an expert cook, but you simply cannot avoid spills, which damage the countertop unless you take preventive action immediately. Countertops made from marble, are more vulnerable to spills because marble is a porous substance. The spill enters the pore and discolours the surface of the countertop. It also forms the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, which have the potentiality to contaminate foodstuff. Obviously, if you choose a dark coloured marble, these spills will not be visible, but the menace of viruses and bacteria remains. Quartz and granite countertops have no pores. Therefore, you can easily wipe away spills from them without leaving any marks or bother about toxic substances from contaminating your food. They are a Corian specialist too. For the uninitiated, Corian is the brand name for a soild surface alumina trihydrate and acrylic polymer material created by DuPont, used by specialists for making countertops. Keller has tie ups with leading manufacturers of countertops including
  • Silestone
  • Samsung
  • Ceaserstone
  • Sensa
  • Laventina
  • Consentino
  • Thomas Group
  • Neolith
  • Dekton
  • Corian

Are you sure that you like the kitchen design?

If you are not satisfied with the inhouse kitchen designs offered by Keller, check their range of modules manufactured by Neff. This company only has tie ups with leading interior decorator companies including those that specialise in modular kitchens. Keller, being a recipient of the 5 star Neff partner, provides exclusive products manufactured by that company at down to earth price. In fact, you would have to pay more had you tried to purchase the products on your own. Neff is arguably the best kitchenappliancs supplier in the world and Cheshire kitchens is a Neff specialist too.

What about kitchen equipment

You might have the best looking kitchen in your locality, but just good looks are not enough. You need kitchen equipment such as
  • Hoods (wall mounted, Island hoods, and downdraft hoods). These gadgets suck fumes from your kitchen and expel them outside your house. They also remove cooking odour and moisture from your kitchen.
  • Hobs: Unlike a gas stove, which is portable, a gas hob is a type of gas stove meant for installing on the countertop. You can choose from a wide range of hobs such as gas hobs, domino hobs, and induction hobs. The induction type is powered by electricity.
Siemens also offers dishwashers, warming drawers, combination steam ovens, plain ovens, as well as microwaves. All of them are long lasting and last for years if you use them properly and clean them on a regular basis.

Are you conserving energy?

Are you aware of the price of propane per BTU (British Thermal Unit). You will be surprised to know that it works out cheaper to use the gas oven sparingly and use an induction oven as far as possible. The best advantage of the induction oven is that it does not waste energy. It heats up water and other liquids by agitating their molecules with the help of a magnetic field. Since the magnetic field only heats the liquid, and not the vessel, you save a lot on energy bills. You can also use this gadget for other types of cooking purposes.

Kitchen installation professionals

The knowledge of the staffs of Keller helps them in professional installation of kitchen and appliances. They will chart the plan of your kitchen once you have told them what items you want installed. Their drafter will then create a skeleton image of your kitchen on a computer containing specialised 3d planning software, put images of the required appliances in their respective places and show you a 3D view of how your kitchen will look like once completed. This image also contains colour coded areas that shows the location of power lines and gas pipes. Inform the drafter if you want to make any changes in the layout.

The next step

Once you are satisfied, the specialist will take a print of the final layout and pass it on to the architect. You can also request the drafter to change the colours of walls and the ceiling so that they match the colour combination of the rest of your house. You also have the option of selecting the hue of your kitchen door from a wide range of colours and designs. This is what makes the leader in their area. You need not look further if you are searching for a kitchens Manchester specialist. Boiling water tap: The professionals of Cheshire kitchens will also help you with the installation of the only true boiling water tap supplier Quooker 100 degree C. This amazing Dutch device supplies boiling water on top of the countertop. It sources the water from a tank stored beneath the worktop. You need not worry about operating costs since this revolutionary device consumes only three Pence worth of power on standby mode. Zip Tap: Millions of people depend on the Zip Tap, a device that delivers boiling hot water and filtered cold water in an instant. Get this device installed and say goodbye to kettles.

A massive range to choose from

As mentioned previously, KK Centre is your ultimate stop if you are looking for German kitchens Manchester. Obviously, they are the best bet for individuals on the lookout for a kitchens Manchester based company that lives up to their expectations without denting their bank balance. Situated in Manchester Altrincham area for over 30 years they provide the ideal solution for people facing a headache in finding a professional kitchens Altrincham organization. Since they provide services in Bowden and Wilmslow too, residents of these places can approach them for their Bowden kitchens restoration.

Other locations serviced by Keller

People who are looking for a specialist in designer kitchens Wilmslow should contact them too. Although there are many other companies in those areas that deal with designer kitchens, Keller is the only company which allows individuals to deal with kitchen designer right through the installation process. Your wife can visit their place to view the frequently live cooking demonstrations. This will provide her the opportunity to learn the basics of cooking with new types of gadgets such as the induction cooker.

Hole in the pocket

You might believe that all these things will burn a hole in your pocket. This is a false notation as you will find out by contacting Cheshire kitchens and request them to send their specialist to your place to inspect your kitchen area and calculate the costs of renovating it and transforming it to a designer kitchen. Do not be surprised if you find your wife prepare food much faster than before for this is the magic of modular kitchens.[/read]  
  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

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