KK Centre has designed some of the most prestigious Bowdon kitchens. Trading from the same premises for over 30 years has garnered recognition from the community, though it has not been easy.

A lot goes into making sure that the owner of a penthouse or home is satisfied with his or her kitchen. It takes time, effort, and attention to detail to make sure that every corner of the kitchen is aesthetically perfect. [read more=”Read more.” less=”Read less.”]

What is at the Heart of a Keller Kitchen Centre Bowdon Kitchen

The Kitchen Centre was established in 1986 and has been the heart of the community for all those years. They reside right on Manchester Road and little has changed since they started, except for the name. It used to be called Keller Kitchen Centre, hence the KK Centre title.

The business has been independently owned by Geoff Sharpe and Danil Sugakov, who are in love with Bowdon and its surrounding communities. It has been their dream to do what they love while helping the community they call home. The two have used their business expertise and their unquestionable eye for design to make Keller Kitchen Centre probably the best kitchen supplier in the UK.

The team has been known to carry Dutch high end kitchens Keller, German high end Kitchens Rational, and German high end kitchens Schuller as these are perhaps some of the most sophisticated if not chic kitchens available for modern homes.

What Makes KK Centre Special to its Customers?

Sure, K Kitchen Centre is an elegant establishment, but it differs from other businesses because it focuses on building a lasting relationship with each customer. This makes sense when you visit their site or consult with them regarding your particular dream kitchen.

The overall design might employ some of the latest technologies and looks, but it is fundamentally designed with you in mind. The team at the Kitchen Centre is focused on taking things step by step to make sure that you are always in control. This is the reason why you can think of the good people at Keller Kitchen Centre as your professional dream weavers. You feed us the dream, and let us weave into reality.

How Do We Make Sure That the Project Goes Smoothly?

A lot could go wrong when building or installing a kitchen, especially if it is done by people without our experience. The one thing that experience gives a business, like ours, is the ability to be prepared for all the things that might go wrong.

While removing or installing a kitchen, one might need all sorts of specialists to anticipate or deal with any possible issue that might arise, from plumbing or electrical problems. Of course, you might just need their help to ensure proper hook ups, but it never hurts to be prepared. Our team also comes with plastering and tiling experts, just in case you were thinking of adding a different backsplash to your kitchen or something similar.

You might be happy to know that our team will show you the 3D realistic images of how the kitchen might look before we get started. This gives you the opportunity to change anything you feel does not work. KK Centre is also willing to work off of your own architect’s drawings if you already have the look you want in mind. The specialists assigned to you will also work with you to figure out the appliances that will work best to make this kitchen one of the best Bowdon kitchens you might ever see. Of course, this is just a benefit of working with experienced kitchen experts.

You should remember that we are the only ones who guarantee some of the following:

  • We have some of the best Neff specialists
  • Experienced Siemens specialists
  • Our 5 Star Neff master partner status provides exclusive products at excellent prices
  • We have Corian specialists
  • The only true boiling water tap supplier Quooker 100 degree C, which is quite rare
  • Choice paradise due to our unique 2000+ door colour choice
  • One of the only Zip tap specialists that offers sparkling, hot, filtered, or chilled drinking water

KK Centre does offer a supply only service and are one of the few to have good relationships with some of the best suppliers in the UK.

This includes Neolith, Dekton worktop supplier or Amtico, Karndene flooring supplier. It is clear to see that KK Centre being situated it Manchester Altrincham area for over 30 years has been accomplished by providing exceptional service.

What Kinds of Installations can you Expect from Us?

Keller Kitchen Centre guarantees professional installation of kitchens and appliances, but it is how we do it that makes us stand out. You know that we work off of your ideas and dreams regarding your kitchen, and here is more that we can do:

  • Experts in Dutch engineering
  • Specialist with particular knowledge of German engineering
  • Bespoke laminate worktop fabrication
  • Partially fitted service
  • Fully fitted service

What you should remember about KK Centre is that all of this knowledge is at your fingertips. You can use our workmanship to add those finishing touches that some might need to complete their masterpiece kitchen.

How do We Connect With the Times?

One reason why it is wise to deal with kitchen designer right through the installation process is that your kitchen will be timeless. Many people have the misconception that you need to have a modern kitchen to have a kitchen worthwhile, while others believe that a traditional kitchen is the only one that can be elegant.

We have both a modern kitchen specialist and a traditional kitchen specialist because a modernised kitchen can be anything that you want, just as long as it is designed correctly. The key here is to introduce modern technology to the design but to do it in a way that is seamless so it matches well. Matching technology with design is perhaps one of the hardest aspects of this job, but thankfully you have KK Centre, and they are full of experts.

You could find everything, from specialist in induction cooking to anything else you can imagine within our localised team.

One thing that makes KK Centre quite bold and has ensured that everyone knows just how serious we are about design and modernisation is our frequent live cooking demonstrations. These demonstrations have helped many people believe in their eye for design, not to mention KK Centre’s understanding of modern technology.

It has been KK Centre’s goal to do more than just talk but demonstrate their expertise through their customers, demonstrations, and overall reputation.

The Many Elegant Materials Available

Another thing that makes KK Centre coveted by those who understand the importance of kitchen design is their expertise in natural stone design. You can find a quartz specialist who understands everything from Silestone, Samsung, and Ceaserstone. You can also find a granite specialist who will be well versed in everything needed to make your kitchen spectacular, like Sensa, Laventina, Thomas Group, and Consentino.

A Closer Look at Quartz

Quartz is made of about 94 per cent ground quartz, making it one of the strongest materials used for kitchen countertops. It is not a completely natural stone as it is mixed with polyester resins and other materials. This makes quartz an affordable yet beautiful-looking stone.

Still, it is the mixture of natural and unnatural materials that makes the stone hard to get right. You do not want to look at your countertops and see that the stone does not look natural, which what makes KK Centre’s expertise important; they will make sure to only use fabricators who know how to make this stone look right.

The right stone could come in various colours, like hues of green, engine red, and many other earthy colours. Of course, there will be some sparkles and veining, which is something that can only be attributed to natural granite or marble. KK Centre ensures that the quartz stone looks exactly like granite or marble.

Keep in mind that you get all the benefits of quartz stones, which every cook loves. The resins, for example, make the counter-tops stain and scratch resistant. The pores are sealed within the stone due to the resins, which means that you do not have to worry about sealing the material since no moisture will be able to penetrate it.

It is important to talk to your Keller Kitchen Centre specialists to ensure that this is what you want, but it will free up some of your cash so that you can spend it on other areas of the kitchen. Many homes opt for this option since no one can really tell the difference, which is something that KK Centre makes sure of.

Caring for quartz will not take up much of your time. The stone is naturally glossy, so all you really have to do is some light cleaning to ensure lustre. You do not have to worry about any polishing. All you need to do is use non-abrasive cleaners to clean the countertops from time to time. A soft rag should suffice at this point.

The only thing that you do have to worry about is that quartz is not resistant to heat like granite might be. It cannot withstand frequent temperature changes, especially if the changes are extreme. Just make sure that you let things cool before you transfer them to the quartz countertops, or use safe surfaces instead to ensure that this countertop lasts as long as it should.

Digging Into Granite Stone

Of course, there is a more natural choice for those who do not mind spending a little more on their countertops. This is definitely something worthwhile since it is one-of-a-kind and quite elegant.

One of the reasons why most people invest in something this elegant is because of its resale value, which is definitely a good incentive. Of course, the designers at KK Centre are mostly in love with granite due to its natural beauty and shine. The stone is mostly made of quartz. There is also mica in each slab and feldspar. Touching the stone might cause you to fall in love with the natural elegance.

The stone can be finished in different ways, which gives the granite a different feel. It could be polished, sandblasted, brushed, or flamed. It should be noted that granite is completely recyclable, which is important in today’s modern age. Making sure that a home is eco-conscious is becoming very important amongst all members of society.

You do not want your home not to have this feature. Not only because of a social obligation but also because it matters to this earth, which is something that KK Centre cares about as well.

The stone is very strong, which makes it scratch-resistant and very durable. The stone is very easy to clean and is completely impervious to stains. This is something that any cook will love to hear. The kitchen is perhaps the most stain and dirt-prone area in the entire home that no one wants to deal with on a day-to-day basis. The granite stone should make chores a lot easier for you, just in case you need a little convincing.

Another aspect that is important to point out about the granite slab is that it is resistant to heat. This is very important, especially for those cooks who love to bake and do not have many safe surfaces to work on. No other slab makes cooking and cleaning as easy as granite.

Remember that the look of the granite slab will not suffer when you cook, cut, or place heated pans on it. In this way, granite countertops have a lot in common with a diamond, which is a stone that is just as glamourous as it is strong.

You should remember that granite does need a little care from time to time. For one, it needs to be sealed once a year to make sure that no moisture is able to penetrate the stone. The stone could be damaged should this happen, and it would be a shame to have to replace it or repair it too soon. The slab is meant to last years, just as long as it is cared for as recommended.

One of the specialists at KK Centre will go over some of the special things that must be performed to care for granite countertops. Do not worry, there are not too many details to go over, but they are important for the granite’s overall lifespan and look.

Cleaning this particular type of slab is simple enough too, just as long as a soft microcloth is used with non-abrasive soap. It is important to dry the countertops afterwards to make sure that streaks are not left behind. Shining the slab is as easy as using a little water or an isopropyl alcohol solution, though both need to be dried off as well. This ensures that the lustre is intact and that your countertop continues to “wow” you or your guests every time.

There is a lot more to learn concerning other materials that KK Centre offers that have their own special instructions. This could include flooring, cabinet materials, or other countertop materials mentioned earlier. What you have to remember is that KK Centre has made it their goal to supply you with every choice available. By the time you are done, you will learn how to deal with every material to make sure that it is always as elegant as you want it to be.

Our team will also help you style your kitchen in any way that you want, be it a minimalist approach (which is quite popular) or with Zen colours to ensure the energy within the kitchen is balanced. What you are going to end up with at the end of our partnership is friendship, happiness, and an overall good sense of accomplishment that can only come from bringing your imagination to life.[/read]


  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

  • The Right Kitchen

    is a big decision.

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